Job Creation & Small Business

  • A $100 million new development to vacated Rolling Acres mall: $30 million+  in annual payroll, 1,500+ new jobs for Akron residents.
  • EBay selects Akron as first U.S. partner City for Retail Revival, helping local small businesses grow online.
  • Bounce Innovation Hub, supporting entrepreneurs, innovators, and start-ups in Akron through partnerships with local corporations and universities.
  • Small Business Award by the United States Conference of Mayors for support of small business in Akron.
  • Elevate Akron: the first-ever joint economic development plan along with Summit County and the Greater Akron Chamber.
  • Vision & Redevelopment Plan to ensure downtown Akron meets the needs of all residents.


  • to provide up-to-date information about road construction projects and traffic updates.
  •  City’s finances online.
  • Student Town Halls with all senior high school classes throughout Akron.
  • Body cams for every Akron police officer.
  • Better Communication: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and

Better Infrastructure

  • Street Repaving Budget nearly tripled, paving 54 miles of roads each year.
  • Amended the City’s sewer mandate with the EPA and Justice Dept : better environmental results at a lower cost.
  • Main Street Corridor Project : $26 million in federal grants to renovate Main Street; State Street & Evans Avenue bridges. 
  • Transportation Improvements: $500 million through the Ohio Department of Transportation.

A Safer Community

  • Fewer guns on our streets
  • Police Protection for neighborhoods: new cruisers, protective gear, body-worn cameras, and training. 
  • Quick Response Teams to fight the Opioid Epidemic. Suing opiate manufacturers, and mandating Narcan in all public safety vehicles.   
  • Youth Violence Prevention Plan for reducing youth violence 20% by the end of 2023.
  • Midnight Basketball and recreation programs for Akron youth.
  • New Fire Stations: No. 2 (Middlebury) & No. 4 (Downtown) and blueprints for No. 12 (Wallhaven).

Housing for All

  • Planning to Grow Akron Report a strategic plan to increase Akron’s population.
  • Residential Tax Abatement Program to incentivize major renovation or new home construction.
  • Affordable Housing Developments: Mayflower Building, Middlebury Commons & Stony Pointe Commons. 
  • Demolishing Dilapidated Houses or partnering with Summit County Land Bank.
  • Housing for Veterans: One in only 50 cities nationwide.

Stronger Neighborhoods & Recreation

  • Age Friendly Akron ensures public spaces & services for seniors.
  • Vacant Building Registry to address abandoned commercial buildings.
  • Community-led Park Improvements: Akron Parks Challenge, Akron Parks Week
  • Great Streets Akron grants, loans and targeted services to neighborhood business districts
  • City pools & Splash Pads in North and South Akron

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Public Safety Forces: recruitment that reflects diversity
  • Clarence Tucker: Akron’s first African American Fire Chief
  • Akron Police Department offers expanded opportunities for qualified residents.
  • Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) increases cultural competency and recognizing implicit bias.
  • Elevate Akron increases economic opportunities for the African-American community.
  • Akron Civil Rights Commission protects ALL residents from discrimination in housing, employment, and public places. 

Efficiency in City Operations

  • Blue Ribbon Task Force created before taking office to improve city government.
  • Created a Department of Human Resources.
  • Saved $81 Million on federal-mandated sewer program
  • Doubled City Cash Reserves
  • Reformed City Employee Health Benefits
  • Mayor Horrigan has never taken a pay increase since his first day in office.

Health & Education

  • Addressing Health Inequities and hiring a Health Equity Ambassador
  • Forming Full Term First Birthday to reduce infant mortality.
  • Sustainability Efforts for energy, emissions, water, wastewater, solid waste, city vehicles, and community education.
  • Stark State Akron Campus – Akron’s community college.  
  • Financial Empowerment Center a United Way partnership in Kenmore neighborhood.
  • College and Career Academy model in the Akron Public Schools.