Daniel Horrigan was sworn in as the 62nd Mayor of Akron on January 1, 2016. Since 1999, he has been a dedicated public servant to Summit County and the City of Akron. His family legacy, deeply rooted in Akron’s North Hill, and his experience as a public servant fuel Dan’s unwavering commitment to move his hometown forward.

After earning a BA in Economics from Kent State University, Dan earned an education degree from the University of Akron. While obtaining his second degree, Dan earned a living as a “curb boy” at the iconic Swenson’s restaurant. Recognizing an opportunity to give back to the North Hill community, Dan campaigned for and won election to Akron City Council’s Ward 1 in 1999, a position he held for nearly 8 years. Being a Councilman allowed Dan to first understand and harness the “power of listening.” In 2007, Dan became the Clerk of Summit County’s Common Pleas Courts, a job that made him responsible for collecting and distributing $120 million public dollars each year. 

Now as Akron’s Mayor, Dan continues to develop his vision to move the City forward, his top priorities being Education, Income and Health. As a leader, he encourages all City employees to focus on innovation, efficiency, transparency and fiscal responsibility. Not wasting any time, Mayor Horrigan and his administration got to work on a list of priority items for his first term. 

Since taking office, his list of accomplishments has grown quickly. So far, Mayor Horrigan has focused on improving the lives of people in Akron by: Passing the City’s first non-discrimination ordinance, creating an annual Healthy Equity Summit to address maternal and child health, and partnering with the United Way of Summit County to open the City’s first Financial Empowerment Center, aimed at addressing the financial needs of Akron’s working poor population. 

To address issues related to jobs, education and vitality, Mayor: Has assisted the City in obtaining millions of dollars in grants for public safety and infrastructure, was successful in helping to address the City’s skills gap by attracting a community college to Akron, reduced the City’s spending on federally mandated sewer projects by $65 million, revealed plans for a new open innovation hub called BOUNCE, partnered in the creation of a Downtown Vision and Redevelopment Plan, passed a quarter percent income tax increase to boost badly needed infrastructure and public safety funding and finally, conducted and implemented a city-wide housing plan, including a catalytic tax abatement program to incentivize development.

Mayor Horrigan strongly believes the City’s future rests on engaged and servant-style leadership. He is known for holding Town Halls, for both adult and young residents, to assure he is interacting with every corner of the City. He has also established strong relationships with neighboring municipalities, the County and with our leadership in Columbus and Washington D.C., knowing that working together at all levels of government towards common community goals is the best way to serve Akron’s citizens.  

As Akron continues to evolve from its roots as an industrial powerhouse, to a highly-creative and innovative center of excellence, Mayor Horrigan believes our greatest asset has remained constant, it’s our people.  He believes this resource has fueled us in the past and will again prove to be the catalyst as we continue to move Akron forward together.