Mayor Horrigan’s goal is to Strengthen and Grow Akron’s Population.

Akron’s population size is closely linked to how well the City can function and prosper.

A stronger and more populous City means:

More vital funding for City services, infrastructure, programs, staff and Akron Public Schools.

More economic opportunities, as we attract corporations, retailers, restaurants and other services with the draw of a more dense and vibrant urban city.

More voices with the knowledge, drive and will to make Akron work for ALL residents.

How Do We Get There?

Mayor Horrigan will focus on four strategic priorities to support, uplift and service all Akron residents.

Increased Economic Development

What’s Being Done:

  • Reorganizing outdated city departments to better support strategic development
  • Implementing Elevate Akron goals to promote diversity, inclusion and support small businesses
  • Continuing to offer free financial counseling services at Akron’s Financial Empowerment Center
  • Continuing to leverage technology partnerships and Smart City developments
  • Prioritizing entrepreneurship and innovation through Bounce Innovation Hub and partnerships with tech giants like eBay, Google and AT&T.
  • Continue to support increased education opportunities for Akron citizens through solid partnerships with Akron Public Schools, University of Akron and Stark State Akron.

Improved Public Life

What’s Being Done:

  • Improving our public parks through citizen-driven park programs.
  • Continuing to communicate and engage with Akron residents through public meetings, town halls, social media, and school visits to every senior student in Akron.
  • Supporting public art, and arts and culture programs, run by local Akron organizations.
  • Prioritizing the importance of safe and equitable mobility within Akron, not only for motorists, but for pedestrians of all ages (young students to senior citizens), bicyclists and the public transit system.

Stronger Neighborhoods

What’s Being Done:

  • Continuing to improve Akron’s road conditions, including tripling annual repaving funding.
  • Updating snow and ice removal procedures and increasing capacity to react to heavy snow and ice.
  • Improving public safety with new fire stations, police vehicles, and life-saving equipment.
  • Continuing to prioritize and promote housing in all areas of the City, and at all income levels.
  • Continue to create downtown as the economic hub of the County, but also as a vibrant neighborhood with diverse housing options with walkable amenities, for a true downtown living experience.
  • Supporting and promoting neighborhood business districts through the Great Streets Akron program.
  • Continuing to promote health equity through City-led programs, yielding the Full Term First Birthday Strategic Plan and the Youth Violence Prevention Plan.

City Operational Efficiencies

What’s Being Done:

  • Continuing to reduce overall costs of unaffordable federally-mandated sewer project with the ultimate goal of lowering Akron’s sewer rates.
  • Continuing to find responsible ways to enhance revenue and control expenses without undue burden on Akron citizens.
  • Optimizing technology, consolidating City processes and departments to streamline services, and leveraging and monetizing City assets, such as selling underutilized City buildings and land for redevelopment.